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Practice Areas

Bankruptcy – Our firm represents both individuals and commercial clients with issues involved in bankruptcy proceedings. After we consult with our client, we develop the most appropriate relief that we can under the Bankruptcy Code. We counsel our clients to aid them in receiving relief and in preventing the same situation from happening again. Some examples of relief include:

Chapter 13 – This process allows consumers with income to make arrangements to pay their creditors a reduced amount over time. Chapter 13 bankruptcies are particularly useful for people who are behind on house or vehicle payments and wish to hold on to these items.

Chapter 7 – This process is available to both individuals and businesses alike and is the “fresh start” alternative most people think of when they hear the word “bankruptcy.” In a Chapter 7, debtors are provided a total discharge from unsecured debts while continuing to pay for a house or cars that they wish to retain..

Family Law
We do simple separations and divorces.  Our goal is to avoid costly and emotionally draining fights that can arise when marriages unfortunately come to an end.  Because we avoid a costly and time consuming court litigation, our separation agreements and divorces are often significantly less costly than that charged by other firms. We also help you from having to appear in court at all.

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